User Agreement

Registration Agreement for Individual Members on the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA) Website

I. General Provisions

Before registering as individual members on the ISSA website, users should read the registration agreement for individual members carefully. Only when users agree totally and voluntarily with all the provisions of this Agreement and complete the registration procedure, can they become formal members on the ISSA website. The proprietorship of the products involved in the online service and the intellectual property of relevant software belong to the ISSA website. Entering the registration procedure and clicking the “I Agree” button mean that users have come into agreement with the ISSA website and accept willingly all the contents in the provisions stated in the service.

II. Registration Rules for Users

1. The individual members on the ISSA website must meet the following requirements: the members have to be artists, collectors, curators, art amateurs or other relevant people who hold certain aesthetic ability and creative skills and who undertake the cause of artistic innovation.

2. The membership is of non-lifelong tenure. If there is any bad reputation, large amount of complaint records, or the members no longer carry out artistic innovation or work related to art, the membership will be terminated.

3. When registering on the ISSA website as individual members, users should provide and fill in authentic, accurate and complete personal information according to the indications of the website. If there is any alteration of the personal information, users should update it in time.

4. Individual members are leveled into three ranks: core members, senior members and junior members.

The core members are the organizers or executive committee members of the ISSA symposiums, people who have made special contributions to ISSA and artists who hold remarkable achievements in the art domain. All core members please send us regularly and timely the information in English of the news, works collected and posters from your respective symposiums in order to get them issued on the ISSA websites.

The senior members are the artists recommended by 4 (or more) core members. First, the artists should register on the ISSA websites and will appear under the column of junior members. If we receive a recommendation from 4 (or more) core members, we will list the recommended artist as a senior member.

The junior members are individuals who register freely on the website and who meet the aforementioned requirements for members.

It has to be pointed out that for the protection of the rights of ISSA, the personal information of the members not include the e-mail addresses. If anyone wants to contact any artist, he should get contact with ISSA first.

5. The individual members on the ISSA website should adhere to the following provisions:

1) conform to all Internet agreements, regulations and procedures related to Internet service and to relevant laws and rules;

2) do not upload, display or spread any information and materials that are fake, insulting, slanderous, abusive, threatening or scandalous . that violate the social order, or that are of any illegality or improperness;

3) do not use the digital service system of the ISSA website to carry out any conduct that may bring adverse impact on the normal running of the Internet;

4) do not infringe the patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights or any other legal rights of any third party;

5) do not conduct any other Internet service using behavior that is against laws or regulations or that is improper.

6. If you violate any of the aforementioned provisions, the ISSA website has the rights to disqualify you as a member without advance notice.

7. After succeeding in registering, you will become individual members on the ISSA website. Your user names and codes will be the sole approach to identify your membership. The members has the duty to keep the user names and codes safe and are responsible for all the behavior under their own user names.

8. The ISSA website has the rights, when necessary,  to alter this Agreements for Members or relevant provisions of each single service. When enjoying the single service, the users should sign in and read the website regularly to be informed of the altered conditions and should voluntarily adhere to the provisions of this Agreement and related provisions of the single service.

III. Internet Service Rules

1. Given the unpredictability of the Internet, members should understand and implicitly agree to the potential risks of the Internet service provided by the ISSA website and bear totally by him/herself all consequences caused by the risks. No matter whether or not the ISSA website notices in advance about the risks, the website has no need to bear any responsibility for the members about the risks (except when there is error on the ISSA website).

2. The ISSA website will take no direct, indirect, accessary, special, derivative or punitive compensation for the profit, goodwill, usage or material losses or other intangible losses for the following reasons (even if the ISSA website has been noticed the possibility of preceding compensation):

1) the availability or unavailability of the ISSA website;

2) the unauthorized access or alteration of the transfer or materials of the members;

3) the declaration or behavior of any third party on the ISSA website;

4) other relevant affairs on the ISSA website.

IV. Intellectual Property

1. The Internet service provided by the ISSA website may include texts, pictures, figures, diagrams, software, audios or videos. All these materials are protected by the Copyright Law, the Trademark Law and relevant laws and regulations.

2. Only after gaining permission from relevant parties, can members use the aforementioned materials within the scope authorized by the parties. Otherwise, members shall not duplicate, issue, spread, alter or recreate the aforementioned materials, or use these materials for any other commercial purpose.

3. The members enjoy related rights of the contents and works uploaded, reposted or edited through the ISSA website, and should make relevant measures (including but not limited in acquiring permission from related parties, reference to the author and the source, etc.) to ensure the completeness and flawlessness of the member rights, to assure that the ISSA website not incur claim for rights or compensation from a third party because of the flawlessness  of the rights by members when using the ISSA website digital service. Otherwise, the members should defend for the ISSA website or make defence required by the ISSA website to make sure that the rights of the ISSA website not be harmed. Members should bear all resulting compensation, fine, attorney fees and damage fees.

4. After registering as members of the ISSA website, the website has the rights to use the portraits, resumes, works and pictures of works for free as propaganda materials for publication, without prior notice to or advance permission from members.

V. Force majeure

1. Force majeure refers to objective conditions that are unpredictable, unavoidable and insuperable by both parties of this Agreement, including: fires, earthquakes, floods, wars, strikes, Internet congestion or paralysis, viruses, hacker attacks and etc.

2. The party attacked by the force majeure can temporarily suspend performing the obligations under this Agreement until the impact of the force majeure is eliminated. The party does not need to take the violation liability for it, but should do its utmost to overcome such events and to alleviate their negative effects.

3. The losses caused by force majeure should not be borne by either party.

VI. Dispute Resolution

The disputes cause during the use by members of the Internet service provided by the ISSA website should be resolved by consultation between members and the ISSA website. As to the disputes that are unsolvable by consultation, either party can institute legal proceedings to the court where the operator of the ISSA website is located.

VII. Others

1. This Agreement comes into effect upon its date of announcement. The ISSA website has the rights to alter the contents at any time and the altered results will be declared on the ISSA website. If a member does not agree with the alteration by the ISSA website, he/she has the rights to stop using the Internet service provided by the ISSA website. If continuing to use the service provided by the ISSA website, the members are considered accepting the alteration.

2. All notices to members under this Agreement by the ISSA website can be conducted through website notice, e-mail or other regular transmission methods; and the notices are considered transmitted upon date of delivery.

3. The final interpretation right of this Agreement belongs to the ISSA website.

4. When there is inconformity between the English translation and the Chinese source texts, the contents are subject to the Chinese meaning.